St. Patrick’s Day is a unique holiday for most Americans. It has evolved into a festivity of the American-Irish culture with the incorporation of drinks, special foods, dancing, music, and tons of greens.  

If you want to participate in the American version of this holiday, you should consider starting your meal with a green festive dessert or appetizers.  

Unfortunately, preparing these meals requires a lot of work. It can also be a bit stressful and overwhelming. Luckily, a Naples FL caterer can help you with your catering needs. 

So, what meals should you prepare for this festivity? Here are some foods to consider: 

Berry Fool 

Berry fool is a light fruit dessert that you can create with almost all types of berries. The word “fool” comes from “fouler”, which is a French word that means to mash.  

While it’s well-known in Ireland and England, it’s both a tasty treat to residents of Europe as a whole. You can combine and mash together all the berries with chilled heavy cream to produce a refreshing dessert for a unique event.  

Traditional Irish Colcannon 

When you think of Ireland, you probably immediately think of potatoes. Of course, there is a reason for this.  

Many years ago, the potato was the staple crop in Ireland due to its calorie-dense and nutritious qualities. It is also extremely durable against the elements.  

During St. Patrick’s Day, Colcannon is a popular food. It is comprised of cabbage or kale mixed with Irish mashed potatoes.  

Irish Cabbage and Bacon 

For those who don’t know, Irish bacon is almost the same as Canadian bacon. It is a smoked and lean pork loin.  

Irish bacon was traditionally the most well-known meat on the table in the country. The main reason for this is that it was extremely affordable.  

However, the first immigrants from Ireland to the US found pork prices to be on the expensive side. Because of this, they switched to using beef.  

To make things simple, cabbage and bacon are more traditional. On the other hand, you can make cabbage and corned beef if you want the Irish-American variant.  

Irish Boxty 

This popular Irish meal originates from the northern parts of Ireland. It’s a pancake made with Irish potato. It is comprised of grated and mashed potatoes, baked in a pan or fried in butter.  

Typically, the mashed potatoes are fried until they have a brown and crisp look. Irish boxty got its name from an Irish word “Bacus”, which means bakehouse.  

Instead of mashed or boiled potatoes, you can serve Irish Boxty as a side dish.  

Cottage Pie 

Cottage pie is simple the beef variant of shepherd’s pie. You will only need to replace the ground lamb with ground beef. With this, you can transform this Irish classic from a Shepherd’s pie to a cottage pie.  

Keep in mind that the kind of meat you use in the pie will greatly depend on your personal preferences. Some individuals might choose to use ground chicken or ground turkey.  

You can also combine both pork, veal, and beef if you think one meat is a bit boring.