There are a lot of questions you need to ask yourself if you are looking for a caterer for your event. Will the caterer be available on the day of your event? Will they accommodate any dietary restrictions? What options can they provide?  

These are some of the most common questions that come to mind when you’re hiring a caterer. However, why do you have to ask these questions? What if you just hire the caterer without asking them?  

Today, we’re going to share with you some common questions to ask before hiring a Cape Coral FL caterer and why you should ask them. 

Do You Accommodate People with Allergies and Dietary Restrictions? 

Nowadays, a lot of guests are asking for accommodations for dietary restrictions. This includes vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan, and more. 

Aside from that, people also need accommodations for allergies such as gluten, shellfish, nuts, and more. Allergies can be extremely frustrating at best. At worst, it is life-threatening.  

A professional caterer should be able to make accommodations based on these needs for almost any restriction. Of course, a caterer should fulfill your requests when you tell them upfront. Because of this, it’s ideal to include special meal needs in your invitation. 

What Types of Serving Options Do You Provide? 

A lot of caterers have buffet-style catering services. This includes the caterer bringing your dinner, lunch, or breakfast selections. They can have a team from the company prepare the food selections on-site and serve them through the buffet line from stylish and upscale serving platters. However, they can also serve them in a casual style with warmers where guests will serve themselves.  

Another option that a professional catering company can provide is full-service catering. With this, the company will provide members of their team to serve as preparation staff, waiters, bartenders, and even an on-site chef to handle every single thing in your event.  

They will serve your guests and make sure that every single thing is clean and packed once your event is done.  

Will The Caterer Keep the Food Warm During the Event? 

Transporting the food from the prep area, such as their kitchen, to your event venue will need the caterer to hold the food at the right temperature for safety. Doing so will also help avoid any food-borne diseases. 

Furthermore, the caterer should utilize implements and containers certified by the NSF. In addition to that, all food needs to be held and stored at the right temperature, whether cold or hot. They should follow the regulations from the local health department.  

A reliable caterer will use a range of tools to achieve this. They can use heating lamps, soft coolers, portable food warmers, and more.  

Because of this, you need to ask a potential caterer how they’ll guarantee your food will not be subjected to potentially risky conditions. This will help you avoid any complications during and after the event.  

Always hire a caterer who knows how to keep the food warm from the preparation site to the event venue.